Reply Services

Postal and Parcel Services assists with two business reply services.

Business ReplyNo Postage Necessary if Mailed in the United States

Business Reply Mail uses preprinted First-Class Mail pieces for which you, not your customer, pay the return postage. The benefit of business reply mail is that you pay for only the pieces that are actually mailed back, instead of putting a stamp on each piece and paying for envelopes that may not be returned. You must have a postal barcode number (P-number) set up in order to use this service.

How It Works

The USPS returns Business Reply Mail to Postal and Parcel Services. The Business Reply Mail is sorted and returned to you with a slip noting the charges, number of pieces, and the P-number billed.


Postal and Parcel handles the return of the mail but does not print the permit on any item. ISU Printing Services can help you create and print these documents to ensure they meet U.S. Postal Service specifications.


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Merchandise Return Service (MRS)

Merchandise Return Service (MRS) allows you to purchase prepaid return shipping labels for your customers to return merchandise to you. This service is available only for USPS shipments.

For FedEx or UPS a return airbill can be requested for unregulated domestic shipments.

How It Works

You purchase the Merchandise Return Service (MRS) label. The label contains the return address and P-number to be charged. Insurance in the amount of $500 is included with the shipment. To avoid being charged for insurance, cross out the 'Insurance Desired by Shipper' line. Place the label inside the shipment and ship the parcel. The MRS label is available to the recipient should they need to return the parcel. You are only charged for return costs if the label is used. Visit the USPS website for more information.

Ordering and Cost

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