Green Express Service Mail Instruction Card

Green Express Service Mail Instruction Cards are required to be completed for shipping packages using DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS Express. Use the White Mail Instruction Card for non-express US Mail.

Filling out an instruction card

A. Sender and Department Information Image of the front of the express service mail instruction card

Place your department's barcode sticker. Write in date, phone number and name legibly. It is very important we have contact information in case there are any questions regarding your mailing.
Print barcode labels

B. Carrier and Service

Indicate carrier and shipping service. If you have no carrier preference, circle No Pref and indicate the delivery date and whether you want AM or PM next-day service. Refer to carrier websites for service options. See Choosing a carrier for help selecting a shipping service.

C. Value Added Services 

Refer to carrier for value added service options: 

D. Shipment Contents and Customs Value Image of the back of the express service mail instruction card

When shipping internationally, to a US territory, or to a military/diplomatic (APO/FPO/DPO) address, a customs form is required. It is mandatory that you describe the contents and value of your shipment. Note: the more specific the description, the quicker the package clears customs. 

E. Recipient Information

Indicate recipient's address. For proper addressing, refer to USPS addressing and labeling. For international shipments, include a contact name, telephone number, e-mail address, and postal code. The recipient's phone number can be extremely helpful if delivery problems arise. 

F. Special Instructions and Tracking 

Indicate any special instructions for PPS. Indicate an e-mail if you wish to receive tracking information. 

G. Non-Sender Billing Account Number 

If the recipient or a third party is to be billed for shipping, indicate and attach the full billing address.

Where to Purchase 

Express Service Mail Instruction Cards are available for purchase at the ISU Book Store.