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Off-Campus Shipping


Off-campus shipping is for all university shipping and mailing to domestic or international off-campus recipients.

Hazardous Materials Shipping 

The Federal Department of Transportation shipping regulations require shipping of hazardous materials to be properly classified, documented, and handled by trained employees. Failure to meet these regulatory requirements may result in citations, fines, and/or imprisonment. The instructions on EH&S's Hazardous Materials Shipping website must be followed to prepare, document, and ship hazardous materials.

Please remember, all EH&S-related packages must be transported to Postal and Parcel Services by the shipping department. These items will not be transported in Campus Mail as the packages have not been properly inspected for meeting regulatory requirements.

International Shipping 

Because federal law requires that international shipping complies with export controls and federal trade regulations, the Office of Research Ethics created a policy for the shipping of parcels to international recipients. (A parcel is defined as any mail piece that is not a postcard, letter, or flat [large envelope].) The policy requires the sender receive approval from the Office of Research Ethics prior to the parcel being shipped. Therefore, the International Shipping Procedures Review Form (see "Forms") must be completed and approved prior to bringing your parcel to Postal and Parcel Services for shipping. This form replaces the green Mail Instruction Card.

Procedure for Shipping Off-Campus 

1. Choose your carrier and shipping service

Note: See Choosing a carrier for help selecting a shipping service.

Service Rates and Transit Time Calculators:

2. Complete the mailing instruction card

3. Package shipment

All shipments, regardless of content, should be sent in NEW packaging material. Insured packages are required to be packaged in new packing materials and packed per carrier instructions. Noncompliance can result in the package being returned to the shipper regardless of contents.

4. Submit your package to Postal and Parcel 

Outgoing mail and packages will be picked up from a specific location in your building. Refer to FPM's Building Information or contact Postal and Parcel Services to find your building's mailing location and collection time.

To ensure same-day shipping, packages must be received by Postal and Parcel Services by:

Note: These times apply to single packages. If sending a large mailing, please arrive earlier to provide the staff time to properly process your packages.

Bulk Mail 

Bulk mailings for standard, non-profit standard, and first-class automated mail may qualify for lower rates. Contact Printing Services for more information and rates.