On-Campus Mail

All mail going from one campus location to another may be sent via Campus Mail. This only includes student addresses in residence halls, not university operated apartment communities. Mail going from campus to off-campus should refer to Off-Campus Shipping.

1. Prepare mail 

Addressing On-Campus Mail 

Campus Mail must include:

  • Return Address
  • Delivery Address
    • Recipient Name
    • Department Name
    • Building and Room
    • University Mail Code

Campus delivery addresses can be found in the:

University Mail Codes

University Mail codes are the + 4 zip code found in the ISU phonebook or campus zip codes (PDF). For example, the university mail code for the Administrative Services Building is 1004.

2. Select Campus Mail Service

Service options are basic campus mail and campus express mail.

Basic Campus Mail

Campus mail that is properly prepared is classified as basic campus mail. No White Mail Instruction Card is required. Campus mail picked up or delivered to PPS by 4:30 pm will be delivered the next business day.

Campus Express Mail

Campus Express Mail is designed for single, small packages (under 20 lbs) that need to be delivered the same day between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm during University business days. Note: Contact Postal and Parcel for availability and fees prior to requesting service.

To request the campus express mail service: Complete the White Mail Instruction Card choosing Campus Express Mail on the Domestic Services side.

3. Submit your package to Postal and Parcel

Basic Campus Mail

Outgoing basic campus mail will be picked up from a specific location in your building. Refer to FPM's Building Information or contact Postal and Parcel Services to find your building's mailing location and collection time.

Campus Express Mail

Contact Postal and Parcel to schedule pick-up for same-day delivery.